w124. Werwolf 500E

New c63 AMG brakes. First fitment.

To fit w204 C63 AMG brakes you need:

  1. Custom braces
  2. Custom brake hoses
  3. Custom hob centers

Custom braces and hoses were ordered in Russia, Moscow, company tro-nik. Highly professional  company specializes on custom engineering for cars, including brake components.

Braces and hoses connected to brake calipers

Caliper is fitted on to the hob

w204 c63 AMG front brake disk size is 360mm, w124 E420/500 standard size is 320mm, w124 E320 standard size is 298mm. Here are some photos to compare w124 E500 vs w204 c63:

w124 E320 disk looks super tidy

Custom hub centers developing are in progress… Check newer posts.



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